Tolu Agbelusi

Poet | Playwright | Producer | Educator

Live Literature

Tolu Agbelusi is a multi-medium storyteller. She has created and curated various projects that call for a collaboration between literary and visual artforms in a way that fosters authentic conversations between artforms and audiences.

In her Home Is… project which explored the concept of home in the context of constant displacement, Agbelusi commissioned, managed and programmed various artists as she curated an exhibition showcasing collaborations between poetry and dance, animation, illustration and documentary. She also wrote, performed in and produced Ilé La Wà, the theatre offering from the project.

Agbelusi has also collaborated with King’s College London on their ‘Season of Home’— consulting on the concept and staging of the exhibition, working with academics to create workshops for students and the public, curating a showcase, writing a poem and creating an art installation. She is currently working with Food Historian and Culinary Artist Ozoz Sokoh on a new project and has also worked with the Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) on their Breaking Bread project.

If you have an idea or project that you would like to explore through live literature, performance and/or, a marriage of various artforms, use the contact form to discuss how she may be able to assist.


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