Educator & Workshops

New Courses Developed:

  • Home Sessions: A 3-month poetry development workshop for young Black Poets
  • Escaping in Broad Day Light: A 3-week online poetry course with The Poetry School
  • Poetry as Protest to Law: A 2-week workshop with Birkberk University, Phd (Law).

Tolu Agbelusi has taught workshops in secondary schools, arts centres, youth groups, community centres, festivals, and in universities, to undergraduate and postgraduate students alike. Working with various academics at Kings College University, she has used creative writing and performance as a tool to encourage students and faculty to engage with research in a new way and to align its relevance to everyday life.

She mentored the Queen Mary University Poetry Slam Team in the 2019 UK UniSlam Competitions and delivered editing Masterclasses in the 2019 and 2020 BBC 1Xtra Words First programme. She also delivered an online editing Workshop with Writerz n Scribez as part of their 2020 Inkwell programme which can be viewed here.

Whether you are in the sciences or other non-art sector, but exploring ways to collaborate, or indeed whether you are based in the literary arts but wish to breathe new life into your programmes, Tolu is able to create bespoke sessions to suit your needs. All workshops are tailored for age and ability. Kindly contact Tolu Agbelusi for enquiries.


“Tolu’s workshops gave me a deeper appreciation for the whole process of writing poetry and exposed me to great poets and to peers doing remarkable things.” Moses Baako on Home Sessions

“The session was excellent, the girls were buzzing all the way home, talking about politics and society and how they were going to right the wrongs in the world. Tolu was so inspirational and adept at drawing the students out.”

—Louise Allwood Joint Head of Art Department Prendergast School on ESCRC Session at King’s College University, London

“Great Session. I really enjoyed it. It will feed into my (academic) thought and practice—finding ways to make storytelling a more prominent feature of teaching”

— Leonie De Vries Ansems, Lecturer of War Studies on Home Workshop at KCL London based on research from the faculty and explored through poetry and discussion.

“I Tolu was a really great poet and an inspiring speaker. War Studies should do more events like this that mix art and creativity with politics”. MA Student, on Home/Brexit workshop at KCL

“I really enjoyed your sessions at Birkbeck. Everyone who attended, whether both or one of, the sessions said they really enjoyed it. As well as being fun, it gave me much to think about and certainly helped with my all too frequent writing blocks.” Paddy M, PhD (Law) student Birbeck University on Poetry as Protest to Black Letter Law