Ilé La Wà promo on London Live

With less than a week to go before the 4 show run of Ilé La Wà at Stratford Circus, Tolu stopped by the London Live studio to discuss her debut play.

Fighting To Be British

I wrote a blog for Refugee Week which begins: “Men the age of my father don’t cry in public, don’t watch helpless whilst others speak for them. Not in my community—where women of this same generation raised children not to […]

What better way to celebrate Arts Council funding than with a press release?

ILÉ LA WÀ PRESS RELEASE Image can be downloaded here & trailer can be viewed here For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 24 May 2018 Ilé La Wà deals with issues of immigration, deportations and the Windrush Scandal ‘You have chosen Britain but has it chosen […]

Anthropology of Belonging – Learning to Trust the Process

2018 started with a commission from BBC World Service to write a poem for the radio show ‘Cultural Frontline’. Definitely worth a listen. My voice was in great company. But the finished product is only ever half the story. It doesn’t […]

Learning to Trust the Process

“Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go” TS Elliot My autopilot broke yesterday. It felt like an outer-body experience. I was moving but going nowhere fast and I didn’t have […]

Conversations With My Sisters

I’m going to be presenting my own event at Southbank’s WOW Festival! I feel I can end this post right here and I will be OK ? but for context… When I started developing Conversations With My Sisters a few […]

Living Room Sessions Roundup

Conversations With My Sisters hosted a number of Living Room Sessions whilst I was in Manchester – discussion, food, poetry, music, poetry and an all round celebration of women. Thought it was time I did a roundup video especially as […]

Home Is… got Funding!!! Again!!

I remember someone telling me at the beginning of the year that they didn’t think my project would get funding. It wasn’t mean, just the everyday ‘I have no confidence in your vision’ stuff that people tell you sometimes in […]