Publication Day At Last

At last, publication day is upon us: 1st October 2020, National Poetry Day! Locating Strongwoman is a portrait of unperformed femininity. Eschewing the stereotypical portrayal of the “Strong Woman” and the even more loaded “Strong Black Woman”, these poems invite […]


Of all the things I though would give me bragging rights when I’m old and boring my niece and nephews with ‘when I was young’ stories, being featured in British Vogue wasn’t one of the things I thought would happen. […]

You Don’t Always Have To Be Strong To Be A Strong Woman — Ruth Shah-Wigley

Twenty years ago, on the first day of university, I walked into one of my seminars and blurted out, “Thank God! Another Black person”. This woman glared at me, told me to lower my voice and then laughter took over […]

May I Never Be A Slave to Speed

Tjawangwa Dema(hereinafter “TJ”) is a force — the best kind. When the trifecta of her words, presence and wit hit you, being spellbound is your only option. If we are talking titles, TJ won the Sillerman Prize for African Poetry […]

Sometimes You Just Need To Jump

Stephanie Edwards is an Architect, a mentor, a template for the kind of friend you want in your corner, and a co-founder of Urban Symbiotics, a boutique start-up company offering architectural, master planning and regeneration services. Discussing her route to […]

Remember the Lessons Don’t Waste the Pain – Ozoz Sokoh

  Ozoz Sokoh, also known as Kitchen Butterfly, is modestly described in her bio as a Nigerian Food Explorer. That title functions like a good poem title — it gives you a hint about the world you are entering, but […]

Locating Strongwoman

Growing up, I often heard my mother say ìwá kú ìwá ná nwa nkan tó sọnù which translates loosely from Yoruba as ‘when you are searching for something that is lost, you search high, lo and in between’. I can’t recall when […]

Translating Academia through Creative Writing

Poetry is how I make sense of the world. This the one answer that never goes away when I’m asked about my relationship with poetry. It should be no surprise then, that I keep looking for new things to explore […]

Mama I’m in the Guardian! & I’m going to be publsihed!!

For close to a decade now, people have been asking me if and when I’m going to publish a collection of poetry and my answers always have some tinge of; when the time is right, when I find the right […]

White Review Poetry Prize 2018

Photo by Carrie Mae Weems (part of the Kitchen Table Series)Christmas came early in 2018 when I was shortlisted for the White Review Poetry Prize, one of only 8 people that made it that far. As part of that privilege, […]