Conversations With My Sisters

I’m going to be presenting my own event at Southbank’s WOW Festival!

I feel I can end this post right here and I will be OK ? but for context… When I started developing Conversations With My Sisters a few years back, I though the Southbank would be a perfect place to launch it. I even pitched it for the WOW festival at one of their think-ins but it wasn’t to be. I knew I had something so I kept growing the idea with Living Room Sessions and Workshops, etc . So when I pitched it again last year (pitch is a strong word for the initial conversation), I raised it in conversation about another project and I was told to send in a pitch – I can’t say how hopeful I was but you can’t float if you are not in the water, so I flung myself in again and when I heard nothing back some 5 months later, I chased. Et Voilà. It’s happening. A space for women to share and learn and celebrate each other. Poetry and conversation. There’ll be other events coming soon. stay tuned and keep plodding. What’s yours comes to you eventually.