Home Is… got Funding!!! Again!!

I remember someone telling me at the beginning of the year that they didn’t think my project would get funding. It wasn’t mean, just the everyday ‘I have no confidence in your vision’ stuff that people tell you sometimes in “support”. Thankfully, I don’t run on the steam of other people’s expectations. I try not to.

When I saw the Arts Council email saying a decision had been made on my application, I was sat in a lecture room in Oxford University on 13th July waiting for one of the teachers from the Callaloo Workshops to give his reading. A feeling situated between fear and excitement snatched my peace for a good moment but I refused to check the application until  I was home. Public tears are not my portion. I logged into the grantium portal as soon as I was in my dorm, half preparing myself for rejection. I am not a screamer but the approval of my application fetched a thunder like screech from my throat that day. I could believe it but I couldn’t; my 3rd ever ACE app, my 2nd successful one on the Home Is… project.

This all started as a dream in my bedroom. The amount of work that has gone into making this happen is and has been ridiculous but worth it. We sold out our preview show on 29th June at the Freeword centre and now have full productions planned for November 2016. Check out the events page.

Producer, writer, director, performer, marketing, workshop facilitator, admin  – I have worn many hats this year. What I have learnt? I am still learning but here a few things –  there are beautiful people out there and some of them are my friends; if you put in the work, everything comes in it’s season.