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Fighting To Be British

I wrote a blog for Refugee Week which begins: “Men the age of my father don’t cry in public, don’t watch...

What better way to celebrate Arts Council funding than with a press release?

ILÉ LA WÀ PRESS RELEASE Image can be downloaded here & trailer can be viewed here For IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 24 May...

Anthropology of Belonging – Learning to Trust the Process

'But this isn't really about language. It's about knowing yourself enough to present all of it to the world without shame.'

Home Is… got Funding!!! Again!!

I remember someone telling me at the beginning of the year that they didn't think my project would get funding. The surprise when it did the first time. The vocal reasoning of what I must have done to get it the second time which didn't bear out. It wasn't mean, just the everyday 'I have no confidence in your vision' stuff that people tell or show you, sometimes in "support". Thankfully, progress doesn't run on the steam of other people's expectations. #HomeIsGotFundingAgain #ForTheLoveOfPoetry